Posted on: July 26, 2008 12:01 am

How do you live a Lions fan?

How to live a Lions Fan? Is this a serious question, well for me it is. I know there r tons of people in Detroit and on the site who "love" the Lions and it's okay to do so trust me. Yes it is embarrasing as we are constantly harrassed about bing the most consistent team in the NFL. Now how does that work, well you have to think of it my way the lions r the most consistent team year in and year out they just manage to consistently lose all the darn time. So "Lions Fans" how do you live as a lions fan? Do you only wear your gear behind closed curtains in your house, while hiding it in the bottom boxin your closet? Are you a strutter and wear it everywhere you go? A lions fan of the past and only where what ever made us feel good ala that good ole Barry Sanders jersey? or are you like me and don't admit your a fan unless someone asks and don't own one piece of lions gear in your entire house? Yup that's me I will be honest I cheer for em I love em but i dont wear the gear, watch the games if there is   different Detroit game on (sadly that includes the Shock also). because in all truth I am ashamed of the fact that they just cant be a little abnormal and win some games. So how do you support the Honolulu blue?
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Posted on: July 25, 2008 11:51 pm

Central Division Title Hopes?????

          As Tigers fans, and general baseball fans alike we have seen the ups and downs of the detroit tigers team this year. it's had more flips loops, twist, hills, valleys, and peaks then every Cedar Point roller coaster combined.But as i have been to more then my share of games and watched just about all of them, I can plausibly list 7 reasons as to why the Tigers will march to a central division crown.


  1. Finally a ligit top 3 pitching group.........with Verlander, Galarraga, and Rogers have been solid over the last month and a half.
  2. Potent offense...............1-6 hitters have been doing what they do best table set(Granderson, Polonco), and deliver(Guillen,Ordonez,Cabrera, Thames/Joyce)
  3. Electrifying bullpen...............The Rodney we knew is back and Zumaya is great as long as guitar hero stays away, Dolsi, Lopez, and CO> have picked up empty slack as well.
  4. Solid bench..................Inge, Thames/Joyce, Rayburn, Santiago,Sheffield have been absolute dynamite when they've gotten their chances. Combine that with the other Hens getting shots and delivering they may have one of the best benches in basball.
  5. The willingness to deal............ Dave Dombrowski is a fearless GM he will trade when needed and will hold his cards forever if need be. i in particualr see him making at least 2 moves, one to at least bring in a pitcher someone ala Freddy Garcia, and don't be shocked if the tigers make a push for Huston Street. Everyone says the Tigers dont need a closer but they do, if they dont get Street now then they will get K-Rod in offseason. Pudge back to Marlins is also a possibility, Florida has been calling about him, hell lets bring Andrew Miller back.
  6. Offseason trades starting to pay off............... Regardless of what anyone says Miggy has been carrying this team on his back, i bet that deal doesnt look so bad now, Dontrelle who?
  7. Never say die attitude.............. this team wont quit on any given day or in any given inning, and that attitude alone gives them the chance to win game in and game out.
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Posted on: May 4, 2008 2:59 pm

My own little welcome back party!

Just wanted to let it be known that i am back after a short leave of absence. News that I am glad to share is that my father recieved his liver transplant after waiting for a year and a half. He is doing well and is progressing at a great rate faster then most do. I just wanted to let all of my freind from this site know that i am back and hope to continue having great conversations on sports subjects and just life itself.
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Posted on: February 28, 2008 11:18 pm


10 person league and slighlty large draft had the 3 overall pick.

catcher-Russel Martin (lad)-rd4
first base- Carlos Delgado (nym)-rd10
second base-Brandon Phillips (cin)-rd2
third base-Troy Glaus (tor)-rd14
short stop- Hnaley Ramirez (fla)- rd1
corner infielder-Evan Longoria (tb)-18
middle infielder- Freddy Snachez (pit)-rd24
infielder-Dimitry Young (was)-rd19
left field-Gary Sheffield (det)-rd7
right field-Nick Markakis (bal)-rd6
center field- Curtis Granderson (det)-rd3
outfielder-Melky Cabrera (nyy)-rd17
outfielder-J.D. Drew (bos)-rd23
utility-Richie Sexson (sea)-rd22
starting pitcher-Justin Verlander (det)-rd5
starting pitcher-Roy Halladay (tor(-rd8
starting pitcher-Francisco Liriano (min)-rd9
relief pitcher-Bobby Jenks (chw)-rd11
relief pitcher-Eric Gagne (mil)-rd12
relief pitcher-B.J. Ryan (tor)-rd16
pitcher-John Maine (nym)-rd13
pitcher-Chien Ming Wang (nyy)-rd15
pitcher-Adam waignwright (stl)-rd20
pitcher-Homer Bailey (cin)-rd21
bench-Frank Thomas (tor)-rd25
bench- Bill Hall (mil)-rd26
bench- Cameron Maybin (fla)-rd27
bench-Boof Bonser (min)-rd28
bench- Mark Grudzielanek (kc)-rd29
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Posted on: February 28, 2008 11:15 pm

The verbal assault on this site must stop!

I know it is a topic that has been brought up on numerous occasions recently but bear with me here. I am so sick of the bashing on this site since I have come back (took a leave of absence for a few months). All I see all the time is your  this and your that and it is getting old. The majority of you on here are adults so lets start acting like ones. This is a sports forum for talking about sports and sharing our knowledge of the sports world so lets do that and not try to destroy each others feelings. If you have beef with someone take it somewhere else because I know that probably 95% of  respectable posters on here don't want to listen to your trash talking about someones personal beliefs.If your trashing someones team then whatever who cares because it is a sports site so that happens heck I'm a michigan fan so I know. Osu fans and UofM fans go at each other like there isn't another day left in the world, but come on people lets leave the trash to that minimal. Leave the racist comments, and disrepectful comments when people make a thread in someones memory out of the way. Talk your sports or ordinary life stuff and go on about your business. bfore you go on saying something hurtful to someone else on here look at yourself in the mirrior because iI can gauruntee you are not an ounce better then they are. And that goes for me I'm not perfect and never will be but it's high time we all grow up and learn to get along if you can't manage that then why don't you save all of the time and get the heck off these message boards.
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