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How do you live a Lions fan?

Posted on: July 26, 2008 12:01 am
How to live a Lions Fan? Is this a serious question, well for me it is. I know there r tons of people in Detroit and on the site who "love" the Lions and it's okay to do so trust me. Yes it is embarrasing as we are constantly harrassed about bing the most consistent team in the NFL. Now how does that work, well you have to think of it my way the lions r the most consistent team year in and year out they just manage to consistently lose all the darn time. So "Lions Fans" how do you live as a lions fan? Do you only wear your gear behind closed curtains in your house, while hiding it in the bottom boxin your closet? Are you a strutter and wear it everywhere you go? A lions fan of the past and only where what ever made us feel good ala that good ole Barry Sanders jersey? or are you like me and don't admit your a fan unless someone asks and don't own one piece of lions gear in your entire house? Yup that's me I will be honest I cheer for em I love em but i dont wear the gear, watch the games if there is   different Detroit game on (sadly that includes the Shock also). because in all truth I am ashamed of the fact that they just cant be a little abnormal and win some games. So how do you support the Honolulu blue?
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Posted on: September 17, 2008 3:29 pm

How do you live a Lions fan?

Every Sunday I get geared up for the Lions game.  This year (2008) so far it has been difficult.  Not because the outcome is unexpected, but because this is the third year of the latest coach.  There was some hope that something good might happen.  A victory against the Vickless, Coach-walking-out, Falcons did not seem like to much to ask.  After all they took in Joey "Blue Skies" Harrington after we cut him loose.  That is a sign of a desperate team.  I have the "Barry" number 20 jersey, but it only comes out after victories (seems like there is alot of dust gathering on it).  The gear comes out for game time, but goes back away after the final score.  I don't defend the Lions like I did in the past.  The evidence against the team has become too much.  I have not lost hope.  Many teams have turned it around after two tough seasons.  The problem is that everything seems to be pointing to the fact that rebuilding will be starting again next year with a new something (coach, general manager, offensive scheme, 1st round quarterback), or all of the above.  This means that we can start looking forward to 2011.  Maybe that will be the year of the Lions, or the start of the next cycle in rebuilding.  Barry left because me could not stand to live through another rebuilding effort, looking back now, how could you blame him.  

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Posted on: August 21, 2008 10:31 am

How do you live a Lions fan?

Its a horrible life.  There is an upside though.  Whenever sombody start complaining about how bad "their" team is you can be a show killer with "Im from Detroit".  Unless your speaking to a Cardinals fan there is no recovery from that.


You know what they say when your traded from the Lions....Your on your way.

Can we please for the love of everything good get to a .500 year.  Thats all Im asking for.

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Posted on: August 1, 2008 3:41 pm

How do you live a Lions fan?

I say you do so without a short rope or a sharp knife around. This team can seriously cause irreversible damage to ones psyche. They consistently do bad in drafts, and in free agent moves. However, they do seem to be able to put some talent together, and get the fans to believe in the hype only to let you down again. There is no way though that I can turn my back on this team. I don't even live in Michigan anymore, I reside in Palm Harbor Florida, but there is no why I will adopt the Bucs over the Lions. I do have Lions gear that I do wear out in public and do so proudly. I have not purchased anything recent but do have a Barry Sanders and Herman Moore jersey along with T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, jacket, and hats.

But in the end, I think the easiest way to live a Lions fan, is just before the game comes on, go to the store, buy yourself a case a beer, and then hopefully the next morning you will remember nothing about the embarrasment they caused themselves on the field the day before.

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